Social distancing: How do we interact?

IMG_7103.jpegIn this age of social media the younger set probably has this down, but for those of us approaching seventy and beyond, maybe not so much.

So after reading an email from Katie @stitchandrivet this morning where she gives great links for things to do to with kids and reminds us of things we could do but have not done for ages, like knitting; being creative with things we have around the house, like paper mache, or cutting up boxes to make fantastic creatures, or using those boxes from our online shopping to create rocket ships and airplanes and castles; making play dough out of flour and water … it occurred to me to share how some grandmas are staying in touch.

  • Our small quilt group is very social. We meet once a month for hand work and have frequently met for actual sew days with sewing machines and cutting boards. We share things we are working on in-between on messaging when there is a likely project to view. SO, what to do? We are looking into FaceTime or Google Hangouts for our next meeting. We are determined to keep in touch.
  • I have been FaceTiming with grandsons and interact with them while they make cookies at their house and I have a cooking project at mine. There is laughter and questions, the usual banter as if they were really in the kitchen with me.
  • My husband and I are recording chapters from books we know they love, so they can hear our voice and we can share virtual intimate moments with them.
  • My neighbors and I check in with each other every day and  try to minimize trips to the store by seeing if anyone needs anything when we go. So far no, but the quality of the relationship has increased as we navigate how to stay in touch and help each other from afar. 
  • In the midst of this conversation yesterday, it occurred to me that there are ways that we  can get out of the house too and “meet up” . 
      • talk over the fence; 
      • sit on opposite ends of the park bench and have a conversation; 
      • go for a walk around the neighborhood, but stay a few feet apart; 
      • pot your spring plants, prune your hedge, across the lawn together…
      • share a libation from the safety of your own backyard, but have that conversation over the fence.
      • share a takeout order, (helps the restaurant owners) but eat in your own yard…


Be creative, be safe and ride this crisis out with as much grace and hope as you can muster.

leaf-nature-green-spring-158780.jpeg   AND Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to those of you who celebrate!

Best wishes from Tina 

Daily Hand Dyed.



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