More sustainable quilt blocks

This idea of using all that we make is very appealing to me. The centers are scraps of linen and linen blends from other projects and garments. We do end up with a lot, don’t we!  This is an afternoon of gray skys and dreary thoughts that were channeled into 4 x 6 inch quilt blocks. Then, those blocks were surrounded with neutrals (making more scraps), a random, sort of, approach to design. I had several criteria though – color, size and background. AND using as many scraps as I could to make new blocks.

IMG_6073.jpgIMG_6072.jpgIMG_6071.jpgIMG_6074.jpgBelow, we have a block surrounded by the neutrals.


In this next photo, I am auditioning back ground color from my hand dyed stash. I am thinking that the backgound will be the more solid teal. I’ll then square up my blocks and arrange for the quilt top.


The rest of this project will wait until after the Bali trip and the work for two entries to shows coming up in the fall.

I will be seeing you in about three weeks!

Bali here we come.

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