Getting Started: My First Blog Post

I started out as a ceramic artist. Thus, Into the Fire.…My emphasis was on playing in clay with shape and color. Over the years other things took priority and now at this juncture in my life I have returned mostly to the fiber arts. I cannot say that dyeing, printing, and cutting up fabric is less messy then playing with clay, but it is easier to start and put aside for momnets with family and grandchildren. I am stilling experimenting wth shape and color.

Occasionally I have things to say about the fiber arts. This blog will be an opportunity to display my art and to discuss current trends in the fiber arts in my life. Stayed tuned…


  1. susanpots · January 18, 2016

    Glad I found your blog Tina. Not sure which I like better Charlie’s shirt quilts or the pillow beds. Look forward to seeing more!

    • tdaily67 · March 16, 2016

      thanks, must be time to get back into posting! Lots of new discoveries. Charlie’s shirts was hard…. but the pillow beds were fun and are well used. Those little boys!

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